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Emerging infectious diseases

Emerging infectious diseases can be caused by previously undetected infectious and known agents that have spread to new populations. 

Top Associations: Infectious Disease Association of California, Infectious Diseases American Medical Association



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Environmental health

Environmental health comprises those aspects of human life, including quality of life, that are determined by physical, chemical, and biological agents in air, soil, water, food and other environmental media that may adversely affect human health.

Top Associations: National Environmental Health Association, Ohio Environmental Health      Association, Virginia Environmental Health Association, Iowa Environmental Health Association


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Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccine hesitancy is a complex global problem. It is defined by delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccine services.

Top Associations: World Medical Association,  International Pediatric Association

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Diabetes occurs when the demand and production of the insulin hormone produced by the beta cells of Islets of Langerhans of Pancreas. It is a chronic, lifelong condition that affects your body’s ability to use the energy found in food due to high blood glucose level. High blood glucose level can damage tiny blood vessels in kidney, heart, eye nervous system. Hence it cause heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.

Top Associations:  American Diabetes Association, Rwanda Diabetes Association, Finnish Diabetes Association, Diabetic Association of India, El Paso Diabetes Association


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Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your bood glucose, also called blood sugar, is too high.Blood gluse is your main source of enargy and comes from the food you eat.                                                                                                                                                                     Top Diabetes Associations: American Diabetes Association ,Rwanda Diabetes Association, Finnish Diabetes Association , Diabetic Association of India,El Paso Diabetes Association




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Gynaecology and women's health

Gynaecology is the medical practice dealing with health of the female reproductive systems and the breasts. Women’s health refers to the health of women’s, may likewise treat related issues in the inside, and bladder and urinary framework since these are firmly identified with female conceptive organs.

Top Associations: Women Gynaecology and Childbirth Associates, Women's Health Associates of Southern Nevada, Association of Women's Health, Pacific Northwest Obstetrical & Gynaecological Association





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Mental health and mental disorders

Mental health refers to our behavioural and emotional wellbeing. Mental disorders are usually defined by a combination of how a person feels, thinks, behaves.                                                                                              Associations:

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Mental health and mental disorders

Mental health refers to our behavioural and emotional wellbeing. Mental disorders are the health conditions that are characterised by alteration in state of mind, mood and behaviour that are related with pain.

Top Associations:Mental Health Association in Forsyth County, American Psychiatric Association, Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Mental Health Association of Maryland, Association for Children's Mental Health

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Public health policy

Public health policy refers to plans, decisions and actions that are taken to achieve specific health care goals with in a society.

Top Associations: International Association of Health Policy,American Public Health Association,  Nevada Public Health Association, National Association for Public Health Policy, Maine Medical Association 



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Public health

Public health is defined as the science and art of preventing disease and prolonging life through organized community efforts. 

Top Associations: European Public Health Association, American Public Health Association, Florida Public Health Association, Georgia Public Health Association, Public Health Association of New Zealand, Public Health Association of New Zealand



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Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular disease refers to several types of conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels, also known as the circulatory system.

Top Associations: Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association, Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association, National Association of Chronic Disease, Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association



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Public health Nursing and pharmacology

Public health nursing is the practice of promoting and protecting the health of populations using knowledge from social, nursing and public health sciences.

Top Associations: Association of Public Health Nurses, Association of Community Health Nursing Educators,Public Health Nurse Association of Arkansas, European Association for Clinical    Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Associations to the word Pharmacology

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Nephrology is a branch of medical science. Nephrology deals with the diseases of the kidneys. Nephrology is a specialty of Paediatrics that concerns itself with the study of normal kidneys function, kidney problem, the treatment of the kidney dialysis and kidney transplantation.   

Top Associations:  Renal Physicians Association,  American Nephrology Nurses Association, Nephrology Associations & Organizations





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Medical ethics and fitness guide lines

Medical ethics is a system of moral principles that apply values to the practice of clinical medicine and in scientific research. Medical ethics is based on a set of values that professionals can refer to in the case of any confusion.

Top Associations: The World Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association, Medical Fitness Association

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Occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health is concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at work. Occupational safety deals with all aspects of physical, mental, social health and safety in a work place.

Top Associations: Safety Health Associations, Occupational Safety and Health Association, China Occupational Safety & Health Association


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Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders and it is occurs together, increasing your risk of heart diseases, stroke and type 2 diabetes. High blood pleasure is a serious condition that affects 23% of adults.                                                                                        

Top Associations: Metabolic Syndrome American Heart Association, Dietitians Association of Australia


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Social determinants of health

Social determinants of health reflect social factors and the physical conditions in the environment in which people are born, learn, live, play, age and work.

Top Associations: Catholic Health Association, American Hospital Association



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Universal health coverage

Universal health coverage means that everyone in the population has access appropriate, preventive and curative healthcare. Universal health coverage is a healthcare system that financial protection and healthcare to all residents of a particular country. 

Top Associations: Association of Healthcare Providers, American Medical Association, American Public Health Association, Florida Public Health Association, Georgia Public Health Association



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Child and Adolescent health

Adolescent health is the range of approaches to preventing, detecting and treating of young people’s health and wellbeing.

Top Associations: Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Voluntary Health Association of India, International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH), World Psychiatric Association




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Pediatric Epidemiology

Pediatric epidemiology is the branch of epidemiology which deals with the disorders and disease conditions that appear in the adolescence, children, and early childhood.

Top Associations: Kenya Pediatric Association, International Pediatric Association, Pediatrics Association of India, Epidemiological Association


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Global Non-Communicable diseases

Non-communicable disease is a disease that is not transmissible directly from one person to another. They are generally chronic in nature.                                                                                                              

Top Associations: American Public Health Association, American Public Health Association, Florida Public Health Association, Georgia Public Health Association




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Nutrition deficiency

A nutritional deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t absorb food the necessary amount of a nutrient. Nutritional deficiency can lead to variety of health problems. 

Associations: Pica National Eating Disorders Association, American Public Health Association.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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Nutrition deficiency

A nutritional deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t absorb food the necessary amount of a nutrient. Nutritional deficiency can lead to variety of health problems. 

Top Associations: Pica National Eating Disorders Association     

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