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Epidemiological studies depending on whether the events may happen in the future (prospective) and whether the events have already happened (retrospective). There are four most common types of epidemiological studies: Cohort Studies, case control Studies, cross-sectional studies and ecological studies. The most common studies are the retrospective studies which are also called case-control studies. A case-control study may begin when an outbreak of disease is noted and the causes of the disease are not known within the population studied. In Cohort studies the group of individuals with exposure to a chemical and a cohort without exposure are followed over time to compare disease occurrence. In cross-sectional studies the prevalence of a disease or clinical parameter among one or more exposed groups is studied, such as the prevalence of respiratory conditions among furniture makers. In ecological studies the incidence of a disease in one geographical area is compared to that of another area.


Applications of epidemiology includes Search causes of diseases, Helps to discover and bridge gaps in natural history of diseases, Helps to describe the health status of population or groups, Helps to evaluate health programs and interventions, Helps in better management of health services and hospital services, Helps in controlling the diseases to break the weakest link in chain of transmission of communicable diseases and reducing non communicable diseases.


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